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Your Needs

We focus on helping you minimize loss and grow wealth with the least amount of risk – and in any market environment. We help you separate fact from fiction, myth, and emotion, so that you can make investment decisions that are in your best interest.

Our investment philosophy centers around the following:

Know Thyself

Let’s put the spreadsheet aside and talk about what money means to you. Are you an investor, trader, or speculator? Do you want growth, but need income? How much risk can you really tolerate? Does your portfolio value match your spending habits? How do you respond to unanticipated events? It is very common for our personal perspectives on money to get in the way of making good financial choices. That’s why we strive to learn as much as possible about you to help create the life you desire. To understand your relationship with money, please fill out the questionnaire in our What to Bring to Our Initial Meeting document.

It all comes down to risk

Our goal is to help you achieve your objectives while taking no more risk than necessary. We help you understand your risk tolerance because if we get risk right, the returns will take care of themselves. We apply sophisticated risk management analytical systems to minimize the potential market impact on your investment portfolios.

The future is unknowable

It should be treated as such. That’s why we structure your portfolio to withstand whatever the future might bring. Asset allocation and diversification are the logical ways to approach an uncertain world with many possible outcomes.

Fees matter

Fees and expenses have a significant impact on investment results. They’re a constant headwind. And they’re market agnostic. Up or down, you’ll always be paying them. That’s why we focus on both intently and strive to minimize their effects. Read more here.

Patience is paramount

Decades of investment and Wall Street experience has taught us this: very often the big money is not to be made in knowing when to buy or sell, but in when to wait. We believe that a disciplined approach takes advantage of the benefits that accrue to patient investors over time. We work closely with you to define both the upside we are investing for and the downside we seek to protect against. Read more here.

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