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Client Center

While we are happy to get started with as much or as little information as you want to bring, our goal is to get to know you on a personal level. That’s why we recommend that you download, review, and fill out the following materials to make the most of our initial meeting together:

This is one of three buildings on our little compound.Front door:
We try to balance aesthetic with function. We believe balance is very important in life and in the world of investing.Gazebo chats:
This is where we'll have a glass of wine and talk about anything and everything on your mind as it relates to your financial future.Our gardens:
Maintaining our office gardens reminds us of successful investing. Because both require knowledge, experience, planning, constant attention, patience, time, and most importantly - good judgement.Top of the world:
At the top of our compound sits a bull and a bear. What else would you expect?Command Center:
This is where the heart of Encompass lives. From here we watch global and national markets and track every detail about your portfolio and how it relates to the future you envision.Meeting room A:
We have several meeting rooms based on the goal of the meeting. This one is used to informally chat with clients.Meeting room A, cont'd:
What you're looking at is a monitor, not actually a fish tank. We use the monitor for video conferencing or going through financials in person.Library room:
We believe that knowledge is everything. Fireplace room:
During cooler weather, we also have meetings in front of the fireplace. Why not, right?Formal conference room:
If there are papers needing signing or just a more formal discussion, this is where we'll be.