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What does fee-only mean?

Encompass Advisors is strictly a fee-only RIA model firm. This means that we are compensated solely by the client. We don’t sell financial products or securities, we don’t accept commissions, and we don’t have sales quotas to meet or sales contests to win. 

What does fee-based mean?

A “Fee-Based” advisor is not the same as a “Fee-Only” advisor. Fee-based means that the broker gets paid both sales commissions and fees. The fee is not for rendering advice, but for selling the client an investment. It is a way for a broker to look like a fee-only fiduciary advisor, but in reality, still receive sales commissions.

What are your fees?

Annual fees for our wealth management services are set at 1% of assets under management.

What is a fiduciary standard?

The fiduciary standard legally requires a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) to act completely in their clients’ best interest. In contrast, brokers or commission-based advisors are only required to sell you a “suitable” investment, allowing them to recommend products that may be in the best interest of their firm or their own compensation.

Do you have an account minimum?

We have no dollar amount minimum. We are more interested in the character and integrity of our clients than an account minimum.

Do you charge for the initial meeting?

Encompass Advisors welcomes initial consultations with no obligation. We provide a free consultation to determine if we can provide you with services and guidance that meet your needs.

What should I bring to our initial meeting?

Here’s a detailed list: What to Bring to Our Initial Meeting. Of course, what to bring depends on the issues you want to talk about. To best prepare for our first meeting, reviewing this list will help familiarize you with the type of information we’ll be looking for.

What is your client base like?

We have a diverse base of clients representing a wide range of professions, backgrounds, and age groups.

Who else will see my account information and possibly manage it?

We have two assistants who will work with your account information. No one else will manage your account other than your Financial Advisor.

Can I view my accounts online?

Encompass Advisors stays on the cutting edge of technology. In addition to setting you up with secure online access to your TD Ameritrade account (for balance and account info), we also provide you with a personal online portal – where you can monitor your investment performance and see how well you are doing. Please find them here.

Is your firm registered with the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC)?

TD Ameritrade Institutional is the custodian institution that will actually be holding your accounts, valuing your investments, and executing your trades at our direction. Your accounts at TD Ameritrade are insured by SIPC.

How much time will you spend on my investments?

As much time as necessary to fulfill your objectives and give you peace of mind. We usually arrive at the office around 6 AM, leave at about 6 PM, and don't go to lunch. We are often here on Saturdays and Sundays for about six hours.

How often do we meet?

Typically, we meet in person or have a call with clients once a quarter. This allows for enough time to check in on your account progress, without getting caught up in the day-to-day movement of the markets. However, your peace of mind or a life-changing event may require more frequent one-on-one meetings. So, it really comes down to this: we are always available when you need us. And we can meet as often as you like. Click here to make an appointment.

How often can I contact you?

There is no limit to how often you can contact us. Reach out any time have questions or need guidance. We’re here for you whether you’re leasing a car, buying a home, or have any type of financial question whatsoever.

Have any clients left your firm? If so, could you share the reasons?

We are very proud of our high client retention rate but occasionally clients choose to leave. If that happens, we make the process as smooth as possible and there are never hard feelings.

How have your investments performed in recent years? Will you share your own investment mix with us?

By “performance” do you mean Time Weighted Return and/or Internal Rate of Return? If so, that is a very good question but difficult to answer specifically.

The reason is that we have many clients with divergent objectives, risk tolerances, time horizons, special needs and estate plans which can have a major effect on TWR (Time Weight Return) and IRR (Internal Rate of Return).

For example, if one client is very, very conservative and another client is very, very aggressive, the returns for both clients in the same market environment will be much different. The conservative client will have a lower return because they want less risk and vice versa with the aggressive client. 

If by “performance” you mean, meeting our clients' objectives and giving them peace of mind, that is our sole motivation.

We would be glad to share our personal portfolio investments with you. We are in the same investments that we recommend to our clients.

As Jon Green gets older, is he going to retire on me? If he leaves, what will happen to my account?

Good question. Encompass Advisors is more than just a one-man show. There is redundancy in place. We have two assistants, have been speaking with other Financial Advisors, and are working on expanding the team.

It’s also important to know that Jon is not going anywhere. Leaving Encompass Advisors is not in his thought process. He owns 100% of Encompass Advisors and the work is cerebral – therefore, as long as he can think, he will be involved with Encompass Advisors.

Where is your office located?

While our technology platform enables us to serve clients all over the world, we are located in the heart of Brevard, North Carolina nestled among several acres of land. Our tranquil gardens were designed by our close friend and architect of the Garden of Peace at Furman University. Our landscape reflects an Asian influence of peacefulness and life balance. When you visit, be sure to have a seat. Take a stroll. Breathe. Leave the financial formulas, risk analysis, and worry to us, and focus on just enjoying the day. See our office!

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